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Welcome to a guide to providing information on renting medical equipment for rent. Locate medical rentals, request a quote for temporary medical equipment rentals, understand the types of Medical Equipment available for rent, delivery and pickup, and more information on medical rentals.

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Types and Uses of Medical Rentals

Renting medical equipment is a good option when equipment is needed for a short period of time, a special project or procedure, or the cost of purchase is great. Renting medical equipment is also a good idea if storage space is limited, or the frequency of use is limited. Renting medical equipment can offer valuable low cost access to specialized equipment. The types of medical equipment for rent include: wheelchair rental, electric wheelchair rentals, walker rentals, portable oxygen, oxygen respiratory equipment, whirlpools, and more medical equipment for rent.

Other equipment for rent for medical services and patients include:

Bariatric Furniture, Bathroom Safety, Childcare Equipment, Commode, Companion Chairs, Home Medical Supplies, Hospital Beds, Lifts – medical, Orthopedic Equipment, Oxygen & Respiratory, Pediatric Equipment, Power & Refrigeration, Reclining Lift Chairs, Scooters – Electric, Traction Equipment, Vacation Medical Equipment, Vans - Wheelchair Ready, Walkers, Wheelchairs – Electric, Wheelchairs – Standard, Whirlpools

Terms of Rentals

Rentals may be arranged for 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year or longer. If you intend to rent the medical equipment for more than one year consider leasing or buying the equipment. Terms and rental rates may be discussed with the rental company.

Delivery and Pick up of Medical Rentals

Most rental companies will deliver medical equipment to your home or office and pick them up when you are finished. Rates will depend upon distance and location.
You may also find Medical Rentals listed under these terms:
Durable Medical Goods, Home Medical Equipment, Hospital Medical Equipment, Patient Mobility Supplies, Geriatric Supplies, Home Oxygen Supply, Wheelchair Rental,     Medical Supplies.

Other Equipment for Rent and Services Available

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